Yes, Kaos is the Swedish word for chaos. The only word you need to use when you need to describe how
it is to be a catwalk photographer. Probably this is not something we always talk about, but
why do we need to keep it a secret? Photographers can be insane and aggressive. I remember the
first time I had to cover a catwalk, and I believe the photographers could see that it was my
first time, and they literally did everything to make it uncomfortable for me. I call it bullying.

”You can’t stand here, can’t you see that someone put their chair there, you’re going to annoy
everyone, you can’t have your backpack on, just so you know I’m going to sit behind you so
don’t try to move or else you will be in my way.” And then laughing at me.

I’m not that kind of photographer that needs to get the pictures and then I’m out of there
as soon as possible. To me it is important to get THE picture, the pictures that is taking focus
from every other photographs. I do also feel that I’m confident enough and that I don’t need to be
mean and nasty to get attention.

Aren’t the photographers afraid that perhaps the next person they bully might be an important
person? Perhaps they free-lance, but still, you represent yourself or someone else, and who the
actual f*ck would like to hire a photographer that acts like a child? I know there’s a big competition
between us as photographers. But why risk getting a bad reputation? Karma <3


(Me and my friend Marie during LFW AW17)